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What is the Mind Body Connection?

The Mind-Body connection is complex relationship between our minds and our bodies. It is grounded in the understanding that everything that happens to us affects our mind and our body. Everything that happens emotionally, every thought we have, affects the functioning of our body and vice versa. There’s the continual biochemical- physiological dialogue going on within us. Now, with years of research behind us, we know how to enter the dialogue and make changes that benefit our mental and physical states.

How does the connection work?

The mind cannot differentiate between physical danger and psychological stress. We are all born with what is called the fight, flight or freeze response when in physical danger. This automatic response is adaptive for our safety, how often do we really need to be in fight, flight or freeze? The problem is that our bodies respond to a simple modern day stressors the same as a potential tiger attack. If you encounter a tiger in the jungle you’ll experience a surge of adrenalin, which allows you fight the tiger or run faster to keep yourself safe. We don’t need this response very often now that we’re living the modern life and are safe from tigers we shouldn’t be in constant fight, flight or freeze! In modern times we don’t need this intense hormonal response very often, but your brain can’t tell the difference between physical danger and psychological stress. If you’re going through a medical crisis and are really stressed, and that stress is contributing to your illness, if you treat the stress, you’re more likely to heal from your illness. In response to the stress of infertility our bodies go into a fight, flight, or freeze state of being. This is the opposite state-of-being conducive for health and wellbeing. Our bodies want to feel safe and nurtured so we can live fully and thrive. A mind body program helps you learn how to give your body that sense of safety and control so you’re in a better place to conceive. The mind contributes to disease, but is also one of the many tools you can use to combat disease! It’s a matter of learning how to use the mind-body connection to your benefit. Illness doesn’t all come down to the stress response. Genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors all play a role. These are all areas of learning in our Mind Body Programs.

A mind body program helps participants learn about the interconnectedness of our minds and our bodies. This is particularly important for those facing illness or post traumatic events in their lives. When we’re under constant stress, our bodies react to this stress by creating stress hormones, which makes it difficult to have clear thinking patterns and a positive outlook for your life and future. This starts a cycle that is difficult to break. All Uplift mind/body programs are led by a qualified mind/body practitioner. We are here to show you support so you don’t feel alone on your journey!

*Photo by Simon Rae

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