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Benefits of The Mind/Body Program for Fertility

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The Mind/Body Program for Fertility

Stress, a hectic routine and worries will undeniably take a toll on a woman’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and her ability to persevere through the process of trying to conceive a child either naturally or through IVF treatment. Research from around the world has shown that stress is the number one reason why patients drop out of treatment.

Every time you experience an unsuccessful cycle, hear of a friend’s pregnancy, battle through the “holiday blues” or are asked, “so, why don’t you have children,” your level of stress goes up and up and up. You can’t help but wonder, “Is this only happening to me?” The simple answer to this question is an emphatic NO! There are many women who share these same feelings.

The mind-body integrative therapy program was conceived by Dr. Alice Domar Phd. while an Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Domar has earned international recognition for her research and its application in women’s health. She is one of the USA’s top experts in stress related women's health conditions.

Uplift’s own experts specialize in the emotional aspects of infertility and are experienced in working with individuals and couples who are dealing with its many challenges. We understand how powerful uncertainty can be when addressing your infertility, and our only goal is to help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

The goal of a mind/body approach is to help you get your life back, to become the person you were before you started trying, and to feel healthy and whole even as you continue to pursue your dream of parenthood.

What is the Mind/Body Program for Fertility?

The Mind/Body Program is a 10 session group program for women facing infertility that is led by Uplift’s founder, Ms. Lari Baty-Cannon, who is an expert in the emotional aspects and challenges of infertility.

This program combines lecture, skills training, and group sharing with other women experiencing infertility. Through shared knowledge, resources and experiences, our program offers support to women at any stage of their infertility treatment, including those who want to conceive naturally, those who are taking a break and those who have exhausted what their physicians can offer. In most groups, about half of the participants are either beginning or in the midst of their IVF treatment.

It enables you to take back control of your life, cope with your infertility in a much more positive way, and learn about lifestyle habits that can enhance your fertility and contribute to your happiness and good health for the rest of your life.

Program Success Rates

The research indicates both excellent reductions in anxiety, depression and hostility, as well as increases in pregnancy rates, with the most recent research showing a more than doubling of IVF success rates.

In a large federally funded study in the USA, 55% of previously infertile women who met regularly in a Mind Body Infertility program conceived within 6 months after the program, compared to only 20% in a control group that used no mind body techniques. Dr. Domar has been collecting data for 20 years on the women who attend the mind/body program and the results are consistent. About half the patients get pregnant within six months, and about 95% become moms somehow within two years.

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