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Farah Nijar

SEP, Naturopath, N.D

Farah qualified as a Naturopath from Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia.  Naturopathy addresses health-related issues through natural means which may include one or more of the following; herbal medicine, vitamin & mineral supplements, dietary advice, homeopathy as well as counselling.


The main modality employed in Farah’s practice is the ‘Somatic Experiencing’ method. It is a gentle way of identifying and resolving health concerns, which commonly stem from mental and emotional issues. More particularly, the method traces underlying patterns which manifest as physical symptoms in the body. It then proceeds systematically to unblock these constrictions to relieve the body of these symptoms as well as any trauma and pain. The ‘Somatic Experiencing’ method relies upon, and engages the body’s innate ability to heal itself.


Farah is a qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner trained at Somatic Experiencing International.  Farah is an associate member of AIMM (Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia) and a practicing member of NMAM (Naturopathic Medical Association Malaysia).

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