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Katrina Arokiam

Child Protection Specialist

Katrina’s first exposure towards marginalized communities came through her experience growing up surrounded by drug users and people living with HIV in a drug rehabilitation center that was run by her parents. Her interest in community needs had spurred her to study psychology and later on, to complete her masters in the area of human rights.


Katrina has dedicated the last 13 years towards working with children from various walks of life tackling issues such as young drug users, young sex workers, children living in institutions, homelessness, abuse and trauma, statelessness, refugees etc.


Among some of her accomplishments are setting up the first outreach and foster care programs for children living on the streets, managing the first pilot project for children living in institutions and lobbying for child’s rights policy change with relevant government bodies. Katrina relates to some of the struggles faced by the community that she works with through her own personal experiences growing up and is passionate about equipping children and the larger community with the relevant tools and support services to mobilize change.

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